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Bill Pay

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Services Designed to Help You do Business Better

Do you avoid managing your finances? Does it take forever to pay bills or do payroll? We have a solution to help you save time, simplify your financial management, and give you abilities you've never had: Business Bill Pay.

Bill Pay - Make Payments to Your Vendors

The days of writing checks and waiting for them to arrive and clear is over! Bill Pay gives you the power to pay one-time and recurring bills right from your online banking account.

  • Submit single payments
  • Create recurring payments
  • Review scheduled transactions
  • Check transaction histories for each payee
  • Submit payments from a mobile device 

Account Transfers - Move Money Across Your Accounts

Keeping money accessible and fluid is crucial. The Transfers feature of Bill Pay gives you the ability to move money as you need.

  • Set up transfers between your Community State Bank accounts and accounts at other institutions
  • Submit one-time transfers
  • Create recurring transfers
  • Review scheduled and past transfers

Payroll Services - Easily Pay Your Employees

Forget about paying for printed checks! The Payroll feature of Bill Pay makes paying your employees electronically the new normal.

  • Set up employees as hourly, salaried, or contract employees
  • Easily add, edit, or delete employees in minutes
  • Set up regular pay day amounts for each employee
  • Review payroll deposits and history

Other Bill Pay Features

  • Manage User Roles- set up other employees with limited access and permissions based on what information they need to see.
  • Reporting- create customized reports for a quick way to review the most important aspects of your finances.
  • E-Notifications- set up notifications to ensure you stay on top of your business finances.

Get Started

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