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Manage Your Money When and Where You Want

Online Banking

Don't wait until your schedule allows you to stop by one of our offices to do your banking. With Online Banking, you can keep tabs on your accounts and manage your finances from your home office or your couch.

  • Quickly check your account balance before heading out the door or paying bills
  • Review past transactions to ensure you weren't overcharged or identify other possible errors
  • Move money between your checking and savings accounts to save or in case of emergencies
  • Download your transaction history to Quicken or MSMoney®
  • Receive your bank statements electronically with E-Statements—it's safer and more secure!

Enrolling in Online Banking is as easy as stopping by any of our offices. You can also print our PDF application, complete it, and bring it by to save time.

To sign up for E-Statements, print, and complete our PDF application and bring it to any of our offices.

Online Banking Safety Tips

  1. Secure your devices--both physically and for access.
  2. Always use a secure internet connection.  If using public wi-fi; use a VPN.  Password protect your home wi-fi.
  3. Log in to the CSB online banking site directly.  Never go through email or text links.
  4. Consider using one web browser for online banking and do all of your other online activity using a different browser.
  5. Turn off Bluetooth when you are not actively using it.
  6. Use strong passwords, multi-factor authentication, and biometrics.  Do not share your passwords with anyone.  Change passwords regularly.  Never allow your computer to save your passwords.
  7. Use licensed anti-virus software.  Keep your software up to date.
  8. Monitor your account for suspicious activity.  Report any suspicious activity immediately.
  9. Take advantage of our transaction notification options.
  10. Only visit secure websites. (They begin with https://  Look for the "s" for Secure!)
  11. Log out of the CSB online banking website when you are finished before you close your browser.
  12. Use CSB mobile banking when you are able. (There are fewer security threats in the mobile environment than on the Internet.)

For additional information on keeping your online transactions secure, please click on the link below.

Conducting Your Transactions Online

Bill Pay

Quit wasting money on envelopes and stamps! Bill Pay gives you the power to pay bills from within your Online Banking account.

  • Pay one-time bills
  • Set up recurring bills (mortgage payments, utilities, etc.)
  • See your payment history in one place
  • Set up alerts to ensure you know when a payment has been made, when a payment is due, etc.

To sign up for Bill Pay, call your favorite CSB office or log into online banking, and click on "Bill Pay" in the right-hand side navigation. Once enrolled online in Bill Pay, in your mobile app you tap "Transfer & Pay" in the bottom navigation and then tap "Pay Bills."

Mobile Banking

Take your accounts with you wherever you go with Mobile Banking! Our mobile banking app for Apple and Android devices gives you the same abilities as Online Banking, PLUS the power to deposit checks without having to stop by the bank.

Getting Started with Mobile Banking

  1. Once you have registered for Online Banking, you can then quickly and easily add Mobile Banking to your mobile device.
  2. On your mobile device, go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  3. Type in “Community State Bank IL."
  4. Download the app, open it, and follow the prompts.

If you're reading this on your mobile phone, simply tap on the logo of your phone's native app store to be taken to the download page.

Link in new window to Apple App Store to download our mobile banking app Link in new window to the Google Play store to download our app

Mobile Banking Safety Tips

  1. Use CSB's mobile banking app.  Run updates as needed.
  2. Secure access to your devices and keep your devices within your possession.
  3. Turn off Bluetooth when you are not actively using it.
  4. Use strong passwords, multi-factor authentication, and biometrics.  Do not share your passwords with anyone.
  5. Do not use public or unsecure wireless connections to access your bank information.  Use a VPN.
  6. Keep your device operating system software up to date.
  7. Monitor your account for suspicious activity and report suspicious activity immediately.
  8. Take advantage of our transaction notification text options.
  9. Log out and close the app after each use.
  10. If you lose your device, contact CSB to have mobile banking disabled.
  11. Delete apps and all personal information when you get new devices.