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Easy Switch Kit

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Make the Switch to Community State Bank

Ready to experience what it's like to have a whole team of banking and lending professionals working for you? Make the switch to Community State Bank today! Here is what you'll need to do:

  1. Come to any of our offices and open a checking or savings account with us.
  2. Go through the steps below to digitally complete the necessary paperwork to switch your funds to your new account.
  3. Add automatic debits (bill payments) or direct deposits (paychecks, other income).

Step 1

BankName Account Information

Provide your new account information for Community State Bank

Step 2

Previous Financial Institution

Provide information for the bank you are leaving.


Automatic debits or direct deposits

If you would like to transfer any of these items from your previous institution.

Personal Information

First things first...
What is your full name?

Current Address

What is your current address?

Contact Information

What is your contact information (in case we need to reach you)?

Joint Information

Is there someone else sharing this account? If not, just hit "Next".

Already started your switch?

Login here with the login information sent to your email to finish filling in your documents.