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Merchant Card Processing

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Accept Debit & Credit Card Payments

Cash may still be king, but the way people access their cash is more and more by using a debit card. Plus, over 70 percent of Americans have a credit card. If you're still only accepting cash or checks, you're missing out on a larger potential customer base.

What is Merchant Card Processing

It is a suite of services that gives you the ability to accept debit cards, credit cards, and other types of payments. There are numerous options available depending on the business size, business type, and your comfort level with technology.

How Merchant Card Processing benefits your business

  • Provides more convenience to your customers
  • Doesn't limit your potential customers to only those who carry cash or their checkbook
  • Allows you to facilitate payments in-person, by phone, or even online
  • Makes funds available faster for you to use

Getting Started with Merchant Card Processing

To expand your card payment abilities, contact a Community State Bank office today and ask to speak with someone about Merchant Card Processing.